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The path of Avatar is not a straight line. It is a winding path of necessary experiences that lead to enlightenment. Acquiring enlightenment, unlike
acquiring knowledge, is not a straightforward trek.

Sometimes progress means moving in a direction that is something other than becoming more spiritual.

Religions and cults tend to form around the spiritual high points of the path and these can trap a person from moving on. Sometimes it is necessary to fall
into sin and be excommunicated before further honest progress toward enlightenment can be made.

The stumbles teach us compassion and empathy for the world.

Life wanders. It stops to explore. It falls down and then gets up and brushes itself off. That Avatar understands this is one of its great strengths.

Why travel this path?

Putting aside all the spiritual reasons, the practical answer is: the closer you come to source awareness, the more control you have over your life.

The Avatar® Course
Sections I, II & III of the Avatar Materials

The Avatar Master Course: Awakening
Section IVa of the Avatar Materials

The Integrity Course for Avatar Masters

The Avatar Professional Course: Beyond Awakening
Section IVb of the Avatar Materials

The Avatar Wizard Course
Section V of the Avatar Materials


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