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Round Success

Dear respectful and lovely Mr. Harry:

Hello! First of all, I would like to pay high tribute and gratitude to your great teachings and Avatars. Thank you for discovering and promoting Avatar and for giving me deep inspiration.

I live in China. Chunbo, my Buddhist friend and patient, recommended that I get acquainted with Wenny, the Avatar Master. I read your writings and watched a little of your video, and feel that your Dharma is so similar to the Buddha Dharma, or I will say it is Buddha Dharma, it is full of compassion and wisdom. I read every paragraph and every sentence and nodded frequently in my heart. I took it in deeply. It felt like the fastest and most direct way of Dharma Vajrayana. In addition, Avatar has a unique technique! Your experience of exploring th e Dharma, from ambiguity to self-try, experiment with friends and relatives, and promoting to the world, are all very touching.

Wenny led me. We did two "belief management" exercises through the Internet, which was great. I feel that all the insights and comprehension of studying Buddha for more than 20 years have gathered, emerged and strengthened at once, surpassing the past. I am not clumsy in learning the conceptual logic system, but my intuition and experience have always been very insensitive. Avatar exercises have made me experience a direct experience, which is more complete, direct, certain. Which I have not achieved through mantra, Buddha meditation, meditation in life and Zen, and investigating a topic in Zen, started to be experienced by me. I am even more certain about "I am Buddha", "Everything is Buddha", "The Trinity of Heart, Buddha, and All Beings" and "Dreamlike Vision".

All aspects of my life changed immediately: I easily completed the difficult environment change, moved my residence and clinic one day; began to add new online psychological counseling work besides the on the spot and online medical treatment and lectures, to adapt to the world "lockdown at home" status; every member of the Dharma study group that I organized has made great progress in learning Buddha, and the quality of life has changed; my contact with Buddhist friends, friends, and customers is particularly easy and effective, and I care deeply and I can be relaxed meanwhile; I naturally and quickly look through in my mind all the important people in my life in the past and let go of the tension ...

I felt that Avatar's "two-way ticket" is brilliant and has a taste of emptiness. All the Avatar methods I have seen correspond to the reality and habit of the contemporary people's minds with precision and force. Your tools are full of emptiness, and everyone can enter (learn), the tool has its own place, and student can wander (explore). I feel that Wenny's mentor is well-trained as a senior Avatar, based on the characteristics of "width and spaciousness" and "not being run away" from "stability", which is suitable for leading people. I also felt deeply wonderful in the exchange with Wenny after having been looking for Buddhist friends for many years, and now I met Wenny, With Wenny coming to my life, it is a big gift from you, Mr. Harry, Buddha, and Bodhisattva Dharma, it is a calling from you for me to come back to Alaya.

I very much hope that Buddha disciples, yoga practitioners, Taoists, and all people will encounter Avatar which is direct, effectively leading to the Saddhamma, and meet in Alaya! In the past, I have been looking for a partner to find the way, which was the most important thing to me. Now I have met potential Avatars in my life. I believe that there will be more and more. I sincerely hope to help them to connect with you quickly. I am very happy that I will be able to start the Avatar Course online officially soon!

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter, thanks to Wenny's Chinese-English translation, I can see your smile.

Wish you health and longevity, that will be our happiness! Please stay healthy and longevous for us as your children!

With respect,
A soul nourished by you

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