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Round Success

For 34 years of my life I have struggled to live my life the way I choose. I had held on to so much hurt & anger that I was consumed of all this self loathing & hatred of myself.Before Avatar I found it challenging to be source in my life. I let those around me make decisions for me. I had always felt that everyone else knew what was best for me. I would see health professionals, give them my symptoms & expect them to fix me.

I realize now that people can give you the tools but only YOU can choose the way you use them. To get to the point where I am now hasn’t been easy. My Avatar path didn’t start off to well. I listened to other people’s opinions which lead me to miss out on the course earlier this year. In October / November I decided to list en to what I wanted & that was to start living the way I choose. I could see the direction I wanted my life to go & I knew that I needed to give Avatar a real go.

It has been the best decision of my life!!! After doing the 9 day course • Section 1 – ReSurfacing • Section 2 – The Exercises • Section 3 – The Rundowns I returned home feeling the best I had ever felt. I felt like a weight had been lifted & I was excited about my future. I could look in the mirror with self pride. I actually liked who I saw. The girl standing in the mirror was ready to start living her life the way she chooses. I turned 34 in November & for someone who didn’t like celebrating her birthday this year was totally different. I felt like I was truly alive & wanted to celebrate with my family.

So just last week I returned home from Orlando as a Licensed Master. I’m really looking forward to Interning & being able to help others with the tools I have been given from Avatar. My family have noticed a huge change in me & our relationship is so much stronger. I’m so thankful to Harry Palmer & all the Avatar trainers, your compassion & understanding means the world to me.

The Avatar Course will teach you how to navigate this territory and give you the tools to handle any challenge you encounter on your life’s journey. For me making the decision to change was hard & scary but not making a change is so much harder. I’m now really looking forward to my future & excited to follow my dreams.

Love Donna


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