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Altamonte Springs, Florida October 26, 2009 - Peace on earth, good will toward men. More than a holiday slogan, this is the foundation of a formula for improving the world undertaken by the Compassion Project. Imagine one million people deliberately creating and experiencing a more compassionate world, more good will toward others. Is there any question that this project will create a more peaceful world?

The Compassion Project was launched on Thursday, October 22, 2009 with the 1,500 attendees of the Avatar Professional Course in Orlando, Florida. Harry Palmer, president of Star's Edge International, outlined a simple plan to improve the conditions of the world.

"Let's increase the amount of compassion on the planet by placing one million Compassion Cards into the hands of strangers," said Palmer.

The Compassion Card carries a copy of the Compassion Exercise, one of thirty exercises in Palmer's book, ReSurfacing®: Techniques for Exploring Consciousness available at

Positive results from doing the Compassion Exercise have been experienced by over 100,000 graduates of the Avatar Course in the first two-day section of the course.

Palmer continued, "In exchange for the few minutes that it takes to do this exercise a person can experience hours or even days of feeling more peaceful. It can dissolve anger and stress very quickly."

compassion_cardsThe Compassion Card has been translated into eleven languages and offers five steps that anyone can take to create and experience more compassion. Launched in advance of the holiday season, the Compassion Project is a gift to people around the world. It is a proven way to create peace on earth - one person at a time.

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Developed in 1986, the Avatar Course training is delivered in 21 languages and is taught by licensed Avatar Masters in 71 countries. Graduates report reduced stress, increases in personal happiness, and greater success in reaching their goals. Newsletter at

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