eLDAltamonte Springs, Florida — May 27, 2010. Today the network of Avatar Course graduates stretches across the globe and influences many people and even whole societies. It is one of the fastest growing self-development movements on the planet. And it all started in 1986 with a book called CREATIVISM, which was revised and republished in 1994 to become the International bestseller, LIVING DELIBERATELY: THE DISCOVERY AND DEVELOPMENT OF AVATAR®

LIVING DELIBERATELY is the engaging story of Harry Palmer's spiritual journey that led to the creation of the Avatar Materials. "With a clarity attainable only by someone with an absolute command of his subject matter, Palmer masterfully takes what could easily have become a dry, complex drone of philosophic musings and turns it into a ringingly clear, engaging and usable book," writes reviewer Linda Decker of The Village Wordsmith. "You'll see yourself on nearly every page — Palmer calls you by name and warmly invites you into his exploration."

The book has played a pivotal role in teaching people around the world how to manage their lives more successfully.
LIVING DELIBERATELY: THE DISCOVERY AND DEVELOPMENT OF AVATAR® is now available to iPad users for free in the iBookstore store.

Free downloads are also available for iPhone or other electronic readers at http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/14364

The print version of LIVING DELIBERATELY, available in 11 languages, may be purchased at http://avatarbookstore.com

Star's Edge International, the publisher of LIVING DELIBERATELY, continues to receive success stories from Avatar Course students. Over 23,000 of these stories are posted on the web site http://AvatarResults.com.

ABOUT STAR'S EDGE INTERNATIONAL - Star's Edge International publishes books, videos, online materials, and a series of experiential courses that guide people into and through transformative experiences. The company was founded in 1986 and operates worldwide. Avatar®, ReSurfacing® and Star's Edge International® are registered trademarks of Star's Edge, Inc.


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