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Altamonte Springs, Florida February 11, 2013 — Harry Palmer, the author of the Avatar materials, has just released his ninth book, The Avatar Path 2: Private Lessons. This book contains 74 individual lessons, broken into eight broad categories, that were inspired by the advanced Avatar materials.

ePL"There are times for public broadcast and there are times for private lessons.

PRIVATE LESSONS are extrapolated from the advanced Avatar Materials. They are intended to be contemplative slices of subjects rather than full explanations. The sequence is subtle to non-existent. Some slices belong together, for example, the sections on creative study, domains of being, and relationships. Other slices are single pieces that you will have to stitch to the whole.

Overall, I wrote about things that I thought were important to know, and that might be of some benefit to others.

Toward that end, receive my deepest respect and may your heart-sun shine in service to others."

Harry Palmer
Star's Edge, 2013



Private Lessons is now available in English, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, and Japanese. More translations are in progress.


The Avatar Path: The Way We Came, Palmer’s eighth book, was released in 2011 and is currently available in 12 different languages. Two of his previous books, Living Deliberately and ReSurfacing® have been translated into 21 languages. Palmer's books and videos are valued by students of higher consciousness around the world.

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