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yurt_wheels.jpgAltamonte Springs, Florida - August 15, 2008 – Mongolia evokes visions of the untamed—Genghis Khan, wild camels, Gobi Desert, and nomads racing shaggy ponies across the steppes. It is hardly the place you would expect to find a how-to seminar on expanding awareness.

Beautiful Ilu Kim (Ilu is short for 'I love you') and her team of twenty-seven Avatar Masters, have a passion for awakening people to their full potential. "Avatar teaches you," said Ilu, "how to flexibly achieve your dreams. That is especially important when you run into unexpected obstacles." Her willingness to be flexible was tested on the fourth day of the nine-day Mongolian Avatar Course, when the host hotel in Tefelj National Park, a few hours outside of Ulaanbaatar, lost complete electric power.

ilu_kim_students.jpg"Since it was brighter outside than in the conference room," said Kim, "we moved the course to the hill behind the hotel."

She challenged the thirty-five students to turn the inconvenience of no electricity, and no working plumbing into a bonus adventure. They did. Mountains, forests, and streams became the walls of the classroom. Day five and six of the course proceeded with only occasional interruptions from wandering livestock and friendly villagers. The land, the Avatar Course exercises, and the Mongolian people blended into a flowing expression of nomadic consciousness.

"For the final section of the course, we moved from the hill to a little forest in the valley along a stream. We fell fully into the feel of the land," continued Kim. "Doing the Avatar exercises under the trees made us feel like Buddha. We announced the first graduates as Forest Avatars."

mongolian_avatar_group.jpgWhile most Avatar Courses are easily completed in nine days, this one continued into a sightseeing trip after the course—flexibility, again. Two buses were located and the team and students set off for an eight-hour, cross-country trip to the Banyan settlement in the Gobi Desert. In this part of Mongolian, roads are non-existent, and only the driver's steady hand provides direction.

At Banyan, after a traditional Mongolian meal, class resumed. While the students finished their exercises, the Avatar Masters arranged sleeping yurts for everyone. The last graduates were announced under the unblinking stars of the Gobi as Desert Avatars.

"I operate with the deliberate belief," says Ilu, "that everything always works out for us, and it always does. One day soon there will be many Avatars in Mongolia. I think the ghost of Genghis Khan will be pleased."

Developed in 1986, the Avatar Course is delivered in 20 languages and is taught by licensed Avatar Masters in 71 countries. Graduates report reduced stress, increases in personal happiness, and greater success in reaching their goals. Newsletter at

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