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Real success is to realize that you have reached the result that you were aiming for. It is a self-empowering, satisfying experience and is not in any way dependent upon the envy of others. Even the pretenders, displaying the symbols of success, secretly hope for a taste of the real thing.

students-smilingTo achieve the real thing requires that you have a clear idea of who you are and where you want to go. It requires the ability and the courage to live deliberately!

At the present time, most of human consciousness operates like a roll of exposed film. It seldom pictures the world moment to moment as it is, but carries around pictures of what the world was like. Individuals wrestle with the fears and sufferings of the past – obstructions that rightly should be assigned to history and left there.

So this is how we begin.

The sections of Avatar are designed to encourage the realizations and changes that a person must go through to move from a life of indoctrinated responses into a life of living deliberately.

Avatar is not anti-achievement nor anti-spiritual nor anti-compromise, but it does dispel the illusions that any of these is a path to real satisfaction.

Crowd1The path to achieving real satisfaction in life is an honest, heads-up exploration of your beingness and the beliefs from which your doubts and answers arise. Who are you being and what do you believe?

The prize — and it is simple and singular — is waking up to who you really are and learning to live deliberately. When you know, the answer is, there is no question.

Fully alive, fully awake, this is what I really want out of life.

That's Avatar.

Avatar is a set of tools that allows people, in a very short time, to identify and change their subconscious conclusions, decisions, and agreements—those things that are shaping their lives. There are lots of ways these tools have been described, but most important is that they work. They work extremely well. People are amazed at how really efficient Avatar is. When people find a tool that works, they use it.

Avatar is about your beliefs and your perspectives.

Avatar doesn't offer you answers;
it offers you the tools to find your answers.



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